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How, then, do organizations facing complexity cope with their conditions. Effectiveness is to do with whether the resources have been deployed in the best possible way. A- History and age of the company: Some of these influences are: Once a strategic option is selected, implantation will starts with planning how resources will have to be reallocated given the strategic change.

An inappropriate organization structure can cause ineffectiveness due to inability to respond to external stimuli incentivesfailure to coordinate activities or the handling of problems at inappropriate management levels.

The aim would be to evolve different strategies for different possible futures. Reward systems also need to be considered from a negative point of view, namely the extent to which punishment or sanctions are necessary.

There is a range of reward systems commonly available for organization deciding how best to stimulate the individuals performance regardless the three aspects of capability, effort, and satisfaction.

Or competitive advantage which has been gained from technical improvements resulting in better quality or lower cost.

Very y often an organizatiion strategiic capability y is impairred becausee the balan nce of the resources is i in app propriate. What are the reasons for that uncertainty. It caan be thoug ght of as haaving three main elemeents within it; strategicc analysis, strategic s chooice, andd strategic immplementation.

The danger is that new strategies will be considered in the context of old expectations rather in terms of what is required for the future. It has four useful benefits: In contrast, non-monetary rewards are a more common method of improving job satisfaction.

Past exam papers

Question papers are available in English only. In contrast, managers who have grown up in a company which has developed by a continued process of acquiring diverse companies, are often very tolerant to change externally oriented. It is used as a mean of developing overseas markets without being involved in local manufacture or exporting from that country.

Differentiation will vary by industry. The assumption that the resources needed to carry out the proposed strategy are capable of working together. Much of the study of work performance has come from behaviorists and the emphasis has tended to be on how individual personality suits people or otherwise to particular type of work.

There are some circumstances where the most rational course of action is so politically unviable that only subsequent failure of another strategy can create conditions where the preferred strategy can be implemented.

This can be a source of power within the company. In conditions where people feel moderately secure, resistance to change is lowered, for individuals and groups who feel very secure about their present position it will be essential to provide information which helps them recognize the problems and difficulties which their present position actually holds.

Managers may build inflexible strategies and organizational structures around mere possibilities rather than creating the flexibility in strategy and structure that would allow speedy responses to environmental change as it actually occurs. No organization can exist without interact with the external environment, so external environment is very important.

Senior management know what is going on in all parts of the organization if decision-making is routed through them so there is less need for complex control system. Past examinations Past examinations are made available after any copyright issues are finalised and should be read in conjunction with the relevant examination report.

Once the order has been placed, an automated email will be sent with your order details and another confirmation email stating whether payment transaction was successful or declined. Availability of raw material. There are argument for centralization.

As for information processing and analysis, the organization faces the problem of comprehension. There are four key forces to be considered: The first is the balance sheet approach, which consists of listing all the conceivable environmental influences under what amount to plus and minus headings.

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Business management past exam papers
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