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Financial resources 86 There is cause for continuing concern about the adequacy of financial resources allocated to children's services. Inmates in Rhode Island and in some Connecticut prisons are offered all three addiction medications, but most US prisons and jails do not provide them, except for giving methadone to pregnant women, because withdrawal can endanger the pregnancy.

Supervision by other authorities 33 The supervision of children from outside Clwyd by the placing authorities, whether in a residential establishment or in a foster home, was generally inadequate.

Sign Up Thank you for signing up. Four of the abusers left the staff shortly after complaints had been made but the fifth was not the subject of complaint untilover four years after the victim had run away. Complaints generally 46 Of about complainants to the police who were former residents of one or more of the five local authority community homes in Gwynedd that we have investigated, about half 58 made complaints that they had been abused by Nefyn Dodd; and all but six of the latter alleged abuse by him at Ty'r Felin.

It is likely also that C1 and her two brothers were subjected to bullying in the foster home. The evidence does not establish that they were solely or mainly interested in persons in care but such youngsters were particularly vulnerable to their approaches.

Structure ii The senior management structure of the Social Services Department in relation to children's services was subjected to frequent changes and was confused and defective without adequate expertise at the highest level and clear lines of responsibility and accountability.

Too often reviews were paper exercises carried out without the involvement of the child and much later than they should have been. But methadone and buprenorphine are not provided, not even to ease the pains of withdrawal.

Local authority homes 13 Such abuse was most oppressive at Bryn Estyn, where Paul Bicker Wilson was the worst offender. Freemasonry 81 Freemasonry had no impact on any of the police investigations and was not relevant to any other issue arising from our terms of reference.

Voluntary homes 10 There were complaints of sexual abuse from six former boy residents of the only voluntary home that we investigated, namely, Tanllwyfan.

Regulation of schools 44 There should be an urgent review of the legislation governing the regulation of private residential schools to include particularly: Leaving care 36 The daily regime in residential establishments and foster homes should encourage and provide facilities for the acquisition of skills necessary for independent living.

One of the foster parents of a Clwyd child Malcolm Ian Scrugham was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment in April for rape and other offences against the foster child.

US investigating treatment of addicted prisoners in Mass.

Recording 29 The recording of events within residential establishments was frequently of poor quality and on occasions knowingly false. Sexual abuse Local authority homes 48 We have not received acceptable evidence of any persistent sexual abuse in any of the local authority homes in Gwynedd.

Visits by councillors etc 43 Visits to community homes by councillors and headquarters' officers were grossly inadequate for most of the period under review. Recruitment 25 There were many breaches of approved practice in the appointment of residential care staff, most notably at Bryn Estyn, where several members of the staff were recruited informally without references and without any adequate investigation of their past records.

Induction training 25 Social Services Departments should ensure that appropriate and timely induction training is provided for all newly recruited residential child care staff.

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Complaints 1 There were no complaints procedures in any of the residential establishments between and Care planning 31 There were deficiencies in care planning and in the statutory review process for each child on a similar scale. Training 72 Insufficient priority was given to the need for appropriate training for residential care staff including guidance on appropriate methods of physical restraintdespite a succession of reports drawing attention to the need for such training.

Management Retention and advancement of Nefyn Dodd 61 Major causes of Gwynedd's failure to eliminate abuse in its residential homes for children were the failure to recognise Nefyn Dodd's shortcomings as Officer-in-Charge of Ty'r Felin and his advancement to a position of control over all the county's community homes.

A fresh assessment of the needs of these services on an All Wales basis is highly desirable. Common standards 50 A common set of standards should be applied to the local authority, voluntary and private sectors in relation to residential provision and other services for looked after children.

It was also carried out sensitively according to most of the complainants, although a small number were critical of the method of approach to them.

Complaints 1 There were no complaints procedures in any of the residential establishments between and. My errors, however, have at least made me cautious and doubtful of my own conclusions. He looked at her intently as she approached and formed his own conclusions.

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Do business reports have conclusions crossword
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